How to effectively express research interests in a statement of purpose for a scholarship for a Masters in TESOL?

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How to effectively express research interests in a statement of purpose for a scholarship for a Masters in TESOL?

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I'm a non-native speaker of the English language with BA in English Translation & Interpreting and CELTA certificate. I'm 31 and I have been teaching teenagers/adults General English at a language school for about four years now. My close friend is planning on moving to the US to work there. Wanting me to come with him if there is any chance, he also encourages me to do Master's Degree on TESOL at an American University. More importantly, as far as I could learn, if I am considering a job in higher education, I must complete MA in TESOL. They say not only it will unlock the opportunity to teach English-speaking countries, such as the US, but also it will set me apart from other candidates vying for the same opportunities. What's more, rather than spending at around two years only to complete MA TESOL, I'd very much like to carve myself an ELT career path at American universities. In short and in any event, MA in TESOL is a must. However, since I don't come from a strong financial background, I would not really like to risk incurring severe expenses without securing a scholarship for an MA in TESOL, which I have found out some universities in the US are offering. So, this brings us to submitting an effective statement of purpose.

There are plenty of tips and advice on the net to make that happen. Following them, I think I have managed to cover some important aspects of it. I have not had any professional help on it yet(which I will) but so far it feels satisfactory enough on its own merits except one bit: Research Interest

'You can also talk about how the department or research project you are applying for will help you develop the skills needed for your future career (transferable skills, knowledge, personality traits) You should give specific examples on these issues'

To be honest, other than providing me further insights which will be required to work at universities as an ESL Instructor, I do not know how exactly the program will help me. I mean, I'm sure the program will provide me lots of insights but I'm not sure how exactly I can specify on a specific graduate course that I don't know anything about. For example, let's say I've run my eyes over a variety of graduate courses in MATESOL and found 'Testing and Evaluation in English as a Second Language' cool. After all, testing and evaluation is crucial as far as I'm concerned. So, time to write how exactly this course will help me develop the skills needed for my future: ? Well, I don't exactly know how. That's why I kind of need to take the course in the first place to see how exactly it will do so, do you know what I mean?

In short, My SOP should include something more than communicating 'Well, I'm tired of overworking and being underpaid at language courses. If I complete MA in TESOL, I will have a far better chance of making more and striking better work-life balance at preparatory schools at universities." Thus, I'd like to be able to be elaborate on how the program I'm planning to attend will help me achieve my future goals in ELT. Do you have any ideas on where to start? Thank you.
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