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Coordinate Language Skills Resources - Work/Life English

Posted: 16 Aug 2022, 14:16
by worklife
Hi Everyone,

English language learning can be a great opportunity to get ahead. Coordinated within each level of difficulty and carefully sequenced between levels. The seventeen english language books +CDs of WORK/LIFE ENGLISH (Previously the ETC Program) include the most proven approaches to language teaching/learning: a grammatical syllabus, notional-functional methods, and instruction in skills-acquisition strategies. Explanations, exercises, and activities are in realistic, practical contexts; subject matter (content) is integral to the series. Whether used independently or together, these classic yet innovative offerings will astonish users with their variety, creativity, efficiency, effectiveness, motivational value, and completeness. Browse English language learning books and teacher workbooks by Work/Life English. Our teaching materials are appropriate for ESL, EFL, Careers, Colleges, and more.

We hope this help you out!

Work/Life English

Re: Coordinate Language Skills Resources - Work/Life English

Posted: 04 Oct 2022, 12:06
by JeffWs103
Work in biology or literature? This used to be a problem for me too!

Re: Coordinate Language Skills Resources - Work/Life English

Posted: 16 Feb 2023, 10:40
by sahasakhar93
In today's globalized world, effective communication in English has become increasingly important for both personal and professional success. To develop and improve English language skills, there are a variety of resources available for individuals. Some popular options include online language courses, language exchange programs, language learning apps, and language schools. Additionally, many workplaces offer language training programs to employees who need to improve their communication skills for their job. It's essential to identify the resources that work best for your learning style and goals to achieve proficiency in the language.

Re: Coordinate Language Skills Resources - Work/Life English

Posted: 05 Oct 2023, 13:22
by leon99
Thank you for sharing information about the Work/Life English language learning program. It sounds like a comprehensive and well-structured approach to language teaching and learning, with a focus on practical contexts and real-world applications.