HELP! Please advise me about my TEFL Production activity!

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HELP! Please advise me about my TEFL Production activity!

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I'm currently taking the 120 hour TEFL course, and I seriously need advice about a current issue that I've had concerning the PRODUCTION segment of my written assignment. The TL (Target Language) for this current lesson plan is (the past continuous interrupted.)

My tutor failed my current assignment stating that the PRODUCTION aspect of its lesson plan was inadequate because it reflected elements of controlled-practice. I wanted to paste my entire lesson plan into this present post, i.e. (the lead-in, presentation, practice exercises, production and feed-back stages) ; however, I didn't save the original version that I wanted to post here.

Stately, I have watched the TEFL production videos multiple times, and I straight-forwardly see no possible means of supplying even a simple basis of instructions for the following PRODUCTION exercise, without trespassing upon the fringes of “a controlled narrative.

I seriously considered providing the students with a specific theme based sentence from which create a story, thus under the strict contingency of using the TL, although I felt apprehensively hesitant to do so because that would have introduced an artifice of CONTROL! Stifled and somewhat traumatized from having failed the PRODUCTION segment of my written assignment, I have thusly become rather gun-shy, so to speak, about eliciting a second attempt at procuring "an acceptable production segment" for this lesson. As already conveyed, I have observed elements of controlled practice in every TEFL PRODUCTION video that I have watched, which seems to contradict the notion of a free basis of production. I feel exceedingly frustrated!

Here is my second attempt at procuring a worthy (Production aspect) for my lesson-plan. Though I wanted share the original one here in this blog post, as aforementioned, I lost its record. It is unfortunate that I don't have the entire lesson-plan to share; as, reiterated, my tutor had passed everything leading up-to the Production phase of my overall assignment.

Oh, I would like to clarify as to whether the production aspect of any/every given lessen must typically include applications of using the (TL - Target Language) from the Presentation and Practice activities? I am under the impression that this is imperatively crucial to maintaining the integrity of the lesson-plan... Am I correct? Moreover, I find the task of creating a free-production activity that is based upon using (The Past Continuous Interrupted) as the TL (Target Language) theme - to be considerably captivating...

Please critique the following information:

PRODUCTION ACTIVITY (based upon the Past-Continuous Interrupted TL):

Create a story using the target language (Past Continuous interrupted.)

*The students must discuss various ideas with their partners about expounding upon the TL. There are no precise directions because this is a free-exercise; however, using the Target Language should be your primary focus.

The students are encouraged to write-down their examples, and to assist one-another in articulating the sentences in which they must devise.

*The teacher writes the following examples on the board:
1. You were cooking dinner in my kitchen when someone on your front door.
2. I left my pan of boiling water to answer the door, but while I was away from the strove the water in my pan boiled-over.
3. As I was walking over to the door, I suddenly heard the sound of water-vapor burning and fizzling over the hot burner of my stove.
4. I was already distracted by the situation in my kitchen upon answering the front door.
5. As I was in the process of answering my front door, I slipped on a banana peel and fell directly into the person who was standing outside of my front door!
After 10 minutes the teacher will engage with each pair of students for the following 5 minutes.
The teacher begins a sentence using the TL creates a chain of co-interactive speech with the students.

Each student must add to the story by constructing a sentence using the TL.


What should I do to alter this exercise so that it will qualify as a free-production activity?

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