"accreditation" maze - what a minefield!!!

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"accreditation" maze - what a minefield!!!

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I have searched and searched but am becomimg increasingly confused.
I want to do a first TESOL certificate, online, and would prefer it to have a special Young Learners component.
I am looking at the course offered by Global English, but am baffled by the whole "accreditation" maze.
This course is a Level 2 Tesol, accredited by ACTDEC , who may or may not be a legitimate accreditation board.

Has anyone any experience with Global English, either good or bad, that they could share?
Alternatively, anyone have anything, good, or bad, to say about the relevance of ACTDEC accreditation?
I realise that an online course is not neccesarily what most would recommend, but I would be looking to do the teaching practicum at a later date.
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