Have teaching experience...would online cert do??

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Have teaching experience...would online cert do??

Unread post by BenzilLobo »

I am considering an 140 hr online course from TEFL Cambridge.

I understand online courses aren't the best, as they don't give you the practical side of things. However, I current teach part-time short courses. (Film Studies and Screenwriting to young people and adults.)

Would my teaching experience plus an online certificate be sufficient in gaining employment?

Or do I hold tight and be utterly miserable for another year and save my pennies for a CELTA course?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Have teaching experience...would online cert do??

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I earned my certificate in TEFL online through the International TEFL Academy in Chicago, Illinois. It was indeed a rigorous course, and I learned a lot. Before I settled on ITA, I researched a lot of TEFL courses. There's even an in-person one where I live through a local university. But those who've taken it give it a major thumbs-down. I was really happy with the ITA course.

I earned an MS in Ed. in TESOL way back in 1979. Back then, there were no such things as certificates. Now everybody seems to be requiring one. My MS in Ed. was all theory and very little practicality. The ITA course was much, much better.

You might like to do some research on online and in-person TEFL courses and compare and contrast them. I think the certificate seems to be a necessity these days.

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Re: Have teaching experience...would online cert do??

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It depends where you want to teach. If it’s in the west CELTA might be a good idea. Out of the west, don’t waste your money. A basic TEFL cert’ and previous experience will be enough, plus a degree of course. If you really want to get to the top consider training to become a professional teacher.
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