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Teaching ESL to adults

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Re: Teaching adults

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Get your students to say what they want to learn and what subjects interest them. Build your course from that. I usually always start with a getting to know you session where the students give a date, a name, a place that is important for them. to finish they tell you their hobby or interest. These questions get them to talk in English which helps you to decide what they need to be taught.
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Re: Teaching adults

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Hi there! Teaching ESL to adults can be a daunting task. There are many ways to teach by using fun and practical ESL teaching resources. Work/Life English offers a variety of ESL workbooks, free printable worksheets, ESL games, and activities. Our teaching materials make learning English an enjoyable experience.
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Re: Teaching adults

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Hello! I want to give you (or anyone interested in teaching adults) a tip that so far worked great for me - using newspaper articles or blog posts. Lots of my adult students were interested in business English and/or owned a small business of their own, so, for example, I would pick something of this type. We would read a part of it, then discuss the vocabulary and create dialogues. Everyone loved it. They also appreciated a lot that they could just scan a QR code to access their homework (which is fairly easy to do, you can create it using an online QR code generator). By the way, the teenage students I had also enjoyed having lessons of this type (clearly, with different topics than for adults). Hope this helps!
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