Advice on grammar resource

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Advice on grammar resource

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Hi Folks,
I am looking specifically for books that focus on "why" certain grammar rules exist. I am running into a lot of questions like: "why can't you split infinitives" and "why can you start sentences with subordinating conjunctions but not coordinating conjunctions" and I would love to be able to answer them, but I don't know. Why can't you split infinitives? I have no idea... I know that you aren't supposed to, but I don't know why. I have many style guides and grammar reference books, so I do not need a generic resource that simply provides examples of the rules. I am looking for a reference that goes into detail about where these rules came from, why they originated, etc. if anyone has any recommendations, I would be grateful!
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Re: Advice on grammar resource

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try checking out books from the series of English Grammar for Dummies
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