Help please with Classroom plan tefl

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Help please with Classroom plan tefl

Unread post by Roscommonlas »

Hi, I am presently doing a classroom plan for a Master TEFL course and it keeps been sent back to me saying it is not right and it needs more grammar. :? I have no idea what else to put in it and this is my first time on this sight or forum so I really don't know what I'm doing should I post it here for everyone to see or do I send it in a private message?
Thanks, P
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Re: Help please with Classroom plan tefl

Unread post by Susan »

If you post the lesson plan, people can make comments more easily. Please go ahead and do that.
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Re: Help please with Classroom plan tefl

Unread post by lesaharmon »

Hello rose,

I have a very descent suggestion, why don't you try online worksheet generator to sort your work systematically. Since this tool is totally free to install.

Just tell the Generator what you actually want. Then print out the worksheet with or without answer sheet.
It is totally free and easily to instant, as it gets installed - start online work and you will able to keep a check on your grammar also. Hope this tool will help you in sorting your issues in a better way.
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Re: Help please with Classroom plan tefl

Unread post by Reon76 »

Peyton123 wrote: 23 Apr 2021, 12:26 I always worked and learned the material from the screen. Last year I decided to acquire a printer and I saw real progress in my studies. I did not expect that working with papers will be so effective. By the way, I was lucky to be a set of a printer and cartridges for a very pleasant price at ... 0cdw-toner.
I usually use an iPad for planning the lessons, as I don't like paper- always get puzzled by a lot of sheets. I try to keep all the info in the Goggle docs so I build a structural system there. What about the printer, I also would like to share the source that can help entertain children in the classroom.
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