Teaching in France as a non-native English speaker

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Teaching in France as a non-native English speaker

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Dear all,

I'm planning to go to France by the end of the summer to get my TEFL degree in order to work as an English teacher for some time. I'm not a native speaker (I'm Dutch). I'd preferably teach English at universities or companies. I have a degree in international law and a few years of work experience as a consultant (I've heard having a degree helps if you wish to teach at a university/company). I do wonder though what my chances are finding a job as a non-native speaker...or whether I would only be hired at language schools in order to teach kids (no offence to those of you who do that, I have great respect for you, but this is not really my thing)

Another question: I'd love to work in the south of France (specifically Aix-en-Provence). Does anyone have experience working/living there?

Thank you in advance for your reactions! And am open to all your suggestions...
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Re: Teaching in France as a non-native English speaker

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Hi Flower,

I lived in Aix before moving to Spain for 18 months. It's a beautiful part of France (really stunning) however I never felt like I could live in France for my whole life due to the people there. I don't like the typical French character. I do howver now find myself in Ecuador teaching English online and running my English teaching company.

FInding work as a non-native speaker will depend on your belief and your level of English, grammar knowledge, confidence, experience etc. I think belief is the biggest thing and if you have that you can do it, definately. A friend of mine in Pamplona was Dutch and he taught in a school and he'd make the odd grammar mistake.

For my English teaching school I'd only take on native people but I know there are many schools who'd welcome non-native persons.

All the best.
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