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TEFL with Film

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I would very much welcome feedback on the viability of: 'Cinema Movie Packages to teach English as a Foreign Language'

In effect, we propose taking exerts from some very popular movies (i.e. Harry Potter) and presenting it with sound manipulated to show original version and then provide a chance (with dialogue stripped off) for participants to perform their version (with on-screen word prompts). This would be backed up by full interactive DVD menus and course notes.

In your opinion, would this type of package be a useful tool to people learning English as a Foreign Language? Our TEFL staff (of 2) think it would be but I wanted to open it up to a much wider audience?

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Re: TEFL with Film

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I did this from 1992 to 1997 using an excellent BBC purpose-made EFL thriller called The Lost Secret. It was in the days before mobile phones and DVDs. It came on a VHS cassette with a full activity pack including a textbook, work book and teacher's book. The results with the students were astounding. IMHO, using the right techniques with well chosen and graded material, video in the classroom is one of the best language teaching methods.
With very young learners we used Muzzy in Gondoland and Learning English with Ozmo, also highly successful video methods produced by the BBC.
I think Harry Potter would be an excellent choice.
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Re: TEFL with Film

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The filmy4wapin team rated this movie as very interesting after many years of working on movies
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