effective EFL techniques implementation

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Kuzyn Elmo
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effective EFL techniques implementation

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Hi there,
This very good friend of mine needs to prepare this presentation on "How would I make sure that the EFL (english as a foreign language) teaching methods she introduces would be met within the different/changing environments". She is to show how exactly would she make sure that the members of her team follow the methods she introduces. As it is to be of the work interview she's very nervous.
Apart from tortures and eavesdropping I can't think of any more ;). Seriously though, would anybody here have some suggestions to put her in the right direction?

Would appreciate anything.

Kuzyn Elmo
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Presentation on EFL Techniques

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Hi Kuzyn
I guess the first thing to consider is, if it is an interview presentation as you suggest, what is it they're looking for? Key words will give you an idea: EFL teaching methods; met; different/changing environments. Assuming its a senior teacher or academic manager post, they might be looking to see that contemporary EFL techniques are being put forward, supported by sound pedagogical principles within the field of SLA, reflecting modern approaches and methodologies, as well as an innovative/creative approach to assimilating recent developments in learning theories and technologies.

As far as getting the team to implement and follow the methods she introduces, I guess there a number of things she should consider:
1. Training - an essential element would be providing adequate training, incl. both a theoretical framework and practical classroom implementation
2. Workshops - further workshops might be good to help teachers implement the methods, and these should be ongoing (not just during the initial phases), to adopt a reflective learning model (teach, learn, reflect, teach ...)
3. Classroom observation to provide feedback and also to gain useful ideas for follow-up workshops.
4. Peer observation to share best practice
5. Regular progress meetings to discuss and solve issues/problems/queries, also an opportunity to share best practice
6. Ongoing support for teachers - having a drop-in session or setting up 1-to-1 meetings with teachers to discuss there concerns and progress in private could be a good idea.

Hope that helps!
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